Secret One

Laser hair removal is painless…almost!

Laser hair removal is nearly painless. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain from laser hair removal is about a 2 or 3. Most people compare it to being lightly popped by a rubber band. Compared to the pain of waxing, laser hair removal is a walk in the park. Watch the video below to see Dr. Neel Kanase put your laser hair removal fears to rest once and for all.


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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

"Carolyn is great! The clinic is always spotless when I come in and they are never late getting me back in a room! Love coming here!!"

- Meredith Ray

"Aside from the miracles that the laser work did, the staff was the friendliest! I am always late everywhere & the employees always helped me accommodate & were willing to reschedule me. The facility is clean and quick service is provided."

- Annette * De La Rosa

"I am so impressed with American Laser Med Spa and their professional attitude. They truly care about their clients. I was treated with total respect and they allowed me time to explain my issues. AWESOME experience!!"

- Lori Culver

"Celina is awesome! Staff is wonderful, services great, and the office atmosphere- very nice! I would highly recommend."

- Holly Chenette