Before and After MesoPen

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This is Paige, manager of our Lubbock spa and one of the first recipients of a MesoPen microneedling facial treatment in the region.


Treatment Day
   “Ruby administered my first MesoPen treatment on April 9th, 2014. I bled quite a bit. After the treatment I was very red and my face hurt throughout the night.”

Day 1
   “The next morning my face felt very dry and tight and I applied makeup to cover what I could. Hoping for less pain tomorrow.”

Day 2
   “Still painful and very red. I noticed some peeling near the end of the day.”

Day 3
   “A lot of peeling and a bit irritated, but the pain has subsided.”

Day 5
   “Still peeling a bit, skin feels so smooth and is no longer red. My husband said my skin looked better and acne scars were diminished.”

Day 7
   “I see improvement on my acne scars on both cheeks. I am still peeling on my chin, but the rest of the treated area feels smooth and looks good.”



Paige before first MesoPen treatment and 7 days after

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